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Maintaining your wine barrel furniture

Protecting your outdoor furniture doesn't have to be hard. If you keep up with a simple maintenance routine, it should never turn into a daunting task. Where you keep your furniture is also something to consider when it comes to maintenance. Exposure to year-long direct sunlight can weather your furniture much faster than rain or snow, as white oak is naturally durable against moisture. If you are using your furniture outdoors, we recommend using a cover or storing under a covered patio.

Oil Finish

*When using the oil finish, which is what we highly recommend for outdoor use, simply apply the oil with a brush, a rag, or a sprayer. When water stops beading up on the surface or the wood begins to gray, it is time for a fresh coat. If you prefer, a light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper is fine on any highly weathered spots before you apply the oil. Make sure to wipe off any excess oil build up.  PPG Wood Finish is the product that we recommend, but any penetrating wood oil will work.

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