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Shipping cost depends on what you’re ordering and the location to be delivered.  The weight doesn’t matter much, but the size of the shipment is what determines the cost.  For example if someone bought one chair and wanted it shipped to a residence in Indianola, Iowa; the cost would be 297.74.  Now if that same person wanted 2 chairs and a side table shipped to the same address the cost would be 298.74.  Also trucking companies charge more if the package is shipped to a resident.  If you have a loading dock with a fork lift or know of someone that does, shipping charges drop significantly.


I’ll do my best to find a reputable shipper for the lowest cost.  If you want to know the cost of shipping  an item or items, shoot me your address, and I’ll give you a quote.

By the way, I don’t add more $$$ to what the shippers charge, so I can make a little bit of money.  What the shippers charge is what you’ll get.

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