About Busted Barrel


Paul and Dixie Murphy began Busted Barrel Furniture Company in the fall of 2016.  It all started as a fun little hobby business inspired by a neighbor, Doug "The Barrel-Meister" King,  that decided one day to try and make a few chairs out of some old barrels.  The second that they saw his original creation, they immediately fell in love with the idea of upcycling used wine barrels into custom and creative furniture and home decor. 


What Paul and Dixie thought would start off as a small little venture, almost immediately blew them away.  They started selling wine barrel Adirondack chairs at a small Farmer's Market in Monument, CO, and the response was immediate, as well as a bit overwhelming.  They were consistently booked four to six weeks out with pre-paid orders.  As the new orders came in, so did the additional request for more one of a kind custom products.  Once they could finally catch their breath in November of 2017, they sat down with The Barrel-Meister and began designing a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture and home decor.  Each piece they make is hand-crafted and one-of-a -kind, but most importantly, each piece is made with pride.     


About Us


Paul grew up in Midwest City, OK while Dixie is a native to their small little mountain town of Palmer Lake, CO.  They both have a lifelong passion for woodworking and handmade crafts, as do each of their four children.  They are both entrepreneurs and love working with people to help them design their next new project.  If you don't find them in the shop creating something new, you will more than likely find them on the slopes, fly-fishing in the middle of a river, mountain biking or hiking the many wonderful trails in the Tri-Lakes area, or browsing one of the many little antique stores in colorful Colorado.  








About The Barrel-Meister


Doug King was the original inspiration behind Busted Barrel Furniture Company.  He was a computer programmer and business analyst for more than  25 years.  He comes from a long line of carpenters on his father's side, so naturally, he is a woodworker by heart.  Due to the fact that no two barrels are ever the same, creating each piece of art is similar in nature to creating a picture out of the many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  Doug must have been the master of puzzles as a kid because he sure is good at what he does now.   


Doug is married to his wonderful wife, Kathy.  A little more than six years ago, they adopted a beautiful newborn baby girl, Annie.  Due to her birth mother having a serious substance abuse problem, little Annie came into this world fighting for her life.  After six short years in a loving family, Annie is now a healthy child full of joy and happiness.  Doug is still amazed that he became a first-time father at the young age of 53.  So if you ever see a little wound up, blue-eyed, blonde hair beauty running around with Doug, please say hello to sweet little Annie.


Doug's new name is The Barrel-Meister, and he hopes to meet you soon!



The moment when Paul first revealed to Dixie and Doug his idea of starting a wine barrel furniture business.

Sometimes Doug likes the smell of a freshly busted barrel a little too much.  In his defense, they do smell really good!